Cancellation Policy

Car Lessons Cancellation Policy

All lessons are reserved in advance for each student. If, for any reason, you are unable to keep your appointment, you must notify us via telephone 24 hours in advance (48 hours in advance for Monday appointments). If the main office is not notified (via telephone) without 24 hours notice, the student is responsible for full payment of the cancelled lesson. Lessons cancelled due to a medical emergency can be re-scheduled providing a student submits a medical/doctor’s release form. 

We do not accept cancellations via email or any other electronic/social media form of communication. Please call our office during business hours and speak to a representative.

The day of your NYS Road Test, you need: 

Valid NYS Learners’ Permit w/photo 

Valid NYS 5 Hour Pre-Licensing Course (MV-278) Certificate 

Signed New York State MV-262 Form *Only for those under 18 years old* 

It is the students responsibility to make sure they have all the necessary & valid endorsements on their Learners Permit!